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Mount Rush Hour, Wiley Art, 19th Street

When I moved to Houston from New Orleans I gave myself one simple challenge, Don’t let your love of New Orleans stop you from loving anywhere else. And admittedly with Houston, this seemed like a tall order. As wonderful as New Orleans is, we often turn a snide eye to this Texas-sized metropolis. So it became a challenge not only to myself, but also to everyone I left behind. I would be darned to concede that the 4th biggest city in America had nothing to offer in the way of charm and culture. So this blog is a response to the critics and a challenge to myself to never be complacent, and never accept anything as it may appear.

Culture Hunt profiles places worth seeing, experiences worth having and people worth meeting. If you’re new to the city, overwhelmed by your options or just looking for something new, join me on the ride. If you’re a naysayer, eat crow. Just kidding, but try to take a second look. Houston is a big, big city and it may surprise you what’s really out there.
About BanksAbout Banks

Hi, my name is Banks. I like to write, take pictures and am, otherwise, a very opinionated person. I have a love of exploring, believe in supporting all things local, and have a stomach that can’t be satisfied. Culture Hunt is my tribute to all such things.

About Banks

I tend to refer to myself as an oil brat because, like military brats, I averaged 3 years or less living in one place while growing up. By my 14th birthday, I had lived in 7 different cities spanning two different continents. At times it was rough, but it often forced me to live outside my comfort zone and appreciate wherever I was in the world as opposed to where I wanted to be. Hence, I developed a convenient predisposition for moving and an an inherent love of travel.

About Banks Farley | Culture Hunt Houston Blog

While this blog is mostly about discovering Houston, it is also a lifestyle blog and a place where I occasionally go on rants (though I’ll try to do so infrequently). If you’ve got the inside scoop on something in Houston that needs sharing, shoot me a line. Otherwise, take a look around and I hope you enjoy!

And, yes, Banks is a family name 😉

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