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Dear Republican Women, Why You Can’t Vote For Trump & Whine About Being A Good Person

Republican Elephant

Dear Republican Women,

On November 8th many of you cast your vote in favor of a Trump presidency. That night and into the small hours of the morning, it became glaringly clear that your vote was the loudest that day and Donald J. Trump would become the next President of the United States. Election controversy was hardly over, and the following day you faced backlash from both those who had supported Hillary and, sadly, those who decided to not show up at the polls. But what happened next is what horrified me the most. In the face of that backlash, some of you decided that you couldn’t be complacent with just winning. Oh no, quite a few of you ladies had to whine on social media about what a good person you are despite your Trump vote.

So now that you’ve brought the subject up, let’s address what makes a good person. I grew up reading books like Robin Hood, Charlotte’s Web, The Giving Tree and formulated my opinion of a good person as someone who stands up to help the less fortunate, even at personal cost to themselves. In an election where a presidential candidate and his supporters decried all Mexicans as rapists, bragged about molesting women without their consent and described black people as being inherently lazy, there were many opportunities to stand up for someone other than yourself. Did you do that?

No, you cited tax breaks as your reason for voting Republican. In essence, you decided that money was more important than how Americans are treated. You watched as people who already face discrimination in their everyday lives were attacked again and you did nothing, said nothing. And then, when it mattered the most, when you were given an easy opportunity to show the entire world that America does not tolerate racist behavior, you decided to protect your pocket book instead because saving a few thousand dollars in taxes is worth other people getting stepped on by racists, misogynists and anti-semites.

So don’t whine to me and the rest of Facebook about being a good person, accept that you voted like an asshole. And if you’re okay with that, then hooray for you! I accept the fact that many people voted for monetary reasons or policy reasons and don’t care about human rights. It’s only a few women that decided everyone needed to recognize their selfish Trump vote and their golden standard morality at the same time.

In sum, good people are as sensitive to baseless attacks on others as they would be to attacks upon themselves. They care about other people, even strangers, and are committed to treating others with respect. It doesn’t matter what you say about my candidate (though if you want to mention crooked, we can chat about your candidate paying off plaintiffs who accused him off racketeering), the bottom line is that when you have an opportunity to stand up for human rights THAT IS HOW YOU VOTE. And this election cycle, you failed. Not only yourself, but every citizen of the world who hopes and prays for equal treatment, even as they are subjected to rape, genital mutilation or denied access to an education.

Tomorrow, during the inauguration, I intend to move forward and forget about the voters of this election. Further, I promise to do my best to reach across the aisle and understand all of the reasons that we live in a Trump America today. I do believe it’s important to facilitate that conversation so that we can find a way to come together and I truly wish to understand the grievances that many in the Republican party have. But first, it’s important to acknowledge the truth about what happened on November 8th to ensure that it never happens again and that all of us can look forward to a future of kindness and hope.